TAU v2.24 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of TAU v2.24 on Nov 13, 2014:


The following new features have been added since the previous release of TAU:

1. OpenMP Enhancements and MPC
We have re-engineered the OpenMP threading layer in TAU and significantly reduced its memory footprint and runtime overhead.
TAU supports OpenMP instrumentation using the OpenMP Tools Interface (OMPT) (configure -ompt=download option), the GNU GOMP interface (-optTrackGOMP in TAU_OPTIONS), and the Opari2 source to source tool for rewriting OpenMP directives (configure -opari option). TAU’s OMPT support now extends to the Multiprocessor Computing (MPC) Framework [http://www.paratools.fr/mpc]. TAU also supports MPC layered upon Intel compilers (mpc_icc, mpc_icpc, mpc_ifort) for privatization of global variables.

2. Support for Binary Rewriting
TAU supports DyninstAPI v8.2 [http://www.dyninst.org] and MAQAO (available as part of PDT). The tau_rewrite tool (MAQAO) now supports a selective instrumentation file now supports include and exclude list of functions as well as loop level instrumentation.

3. Improved external package dependencies.
Along with the TAU download, we now feature a third party library download:


which includes external third party library dependencies such as BFD, OMPT, Weka jar files for PerfExplorer, and libunwind. When this package is installed in the top level TAU directory, configure commands such as -bfd=download, -ompt=download, -unwind=download locate the third party libraries locally.

4. Score-P
TAU supports metadata collection, support for context events, and better support for compiler adapters and threading layers in Score-P v1.3 [http://www.score-p.org]. Score-P allows TAU to generate profiles and traces more efficiently. Native OTF2 traces generated by Score-P may be analyzed in the Vampir tool [http://www.vampir.eu] without additional merging or conversion of binary event traces. To enable tracking context events and markers, please set the SCOREP_PROFILING_FORMAT to CUBE_TUPLE.

5. New platform and packages
(a) Android - An initial port is available for testing.
(b) OpenSHMEM 1.0f [www.openshmem.org].
(c) Improvements in TAU’s support for the Fujitsu K computer.
(d) Better support for 3D windows in ParaProf for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X (needs Java DMG from http://tau.uoregon.edu/java.dmg for Mac).
(e) Support for the new const API interface in MPI v3.
(f) Support for OpenSSL in TAUdb.

6. Improved Support for Power Profiling
TAU introduces support for tracking CPU, integrated GPU, and DRAM power consumption using PAPI with the perf interface (in Linux Kernels 3.15+). To use this, simply set the TAU_TRACK_POWER environment variable to 1 to enable tracking power using a periodic interrupt.

7. GPU Support
CUPTI counters are now assigned to the GPU kernels that produced them. If they cannot be attributed to a single kernel the values are automatically estimated given the structure of the application. This release of TAU supports newer CUDA versions (v6.0, v6.5 and others). TAU also supports OpenCL on Apple Mac OS X now.

8. TAU Commander
TAU Commander is a new tool that simplifies TAU’s workflow, and provides a more intuitive interface to help and guide the user. This release features initial support for TAU Commander.
For more information, please see:

HPC Linux
TAU, PDT, and VI-HPS (www.vi-hps.org) and ACTS (acts.nersc.gov) tools are featured on the HPC Linux LiveDVD and virtual images available for download from:


Please let us know if we may assist you with our tools in any way.
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